Time Lesson Plan

Grade Level:
Max Millard and Frank McNerney
New College of California
First Grade

Ia. Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

Ib. Language Objectives: IIa. Technology Standards to be Addressed: III Background/Rationale (include necessary prior skills) IV Process:
a. (Into) b. (Through) c. (Beyond)

V Assessment and Teacher Reflection/Evaluation: (Describe how you will assess students and know they have learned)
We will be assessing students' understanding of and/or difficulty with the concepts of the lesson. Additionally, we will also be looking for attentive listening, following of classroom rules, and mutual respect from all students. Here are the rubrics to evaluate their understanding:

2 = mastery
1 = acceptable (may improve)
0 = not acceptable (must improve)

Telling Time Expressing Time Hours and Minutes Adding and Subtracting Time VI Materials: