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Professional Goal Setting/Reflective Teaching
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Name: Max Millard
School: Spring Valley Elementary School
Teacher: Dawnell Boylan
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Date: 9-21-06
Supervisor: Gayle Leyton

Goals: Rhyming words, experimenting with names, reading poetry and asking students to guess missing rhymes, singing humorous songs that will help them to remember the lesson.

I would like the observer to focus attention and provide me with feedback in the following areas:

1. Keeping the class focused

2. Reaching all the students, not just the easy ones

3. Teaching to the curriculum, not just trying to entertain the class

Question: What difficulties do you anticipate students could have with the lesson content and how will you attempt to address these difficulties?

I think the kids might lose interest if lesson goes on too long. I will prepare more material than I probably need, and decide at the time when it is time to wrap things up.

Ia. Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

To learn what rhyming means
To develop word awareness
To appreciate poetry

Ib. Language Objectives:

To guess words from context
To fill in missing rhymes by phonemic awareness
To learn the relationship between poems and song lyrics

II Standards to be Addressed:

1.10: Identify and produce rhyming words in response to an oral statement
1.16: Understand that as letters of words change, so do the sounds.
3.2: Identify types of everyday print materials (e.g., storybooks, poems)

III Background/Rationale (incl. necessary prior skills)

The children are accustomed to learning through songs.
The children have heard me sing before, and are receptive.
The children have been learning each other's names and are interested.

IV Process:

a. (Into)

I will try to capture their attention by showing them some live mealworms, then lead that into the lesson on rhyming.

b. (Through)

Some kids don't like to touch worms because they're afraid they'll get germs. But my worms are clean because they eat the germs. Hey, that rhymes. Worms, germs.

Who knows what rhyming means? Raise your hands if you can tell me a rhyme.

Have you ever thought what you'd like to eat if you were a worm? Let's see: worms, worms, they like to eat germs, cause that's their favorite meal. But if I only was a worm, I'd eat a banana peel.

See if you can repeat that with me:
Worms, worms, they like to eat _____,
Cause that's their favorite meal
But if I only was a worm,
I'd eat a ... (take banana peel out of paper bag).

What do you think other animals might like to eat? I've got a very silly song to sing for you. Does anyone here like silly songs?

"Worms, Worms" song:

Dogs, dogs, they like to eat hogs, cause hogs are big and fat
But if I only was a dog, I'd I'd eat a baseball bat.

Cats, cats, they like to eat bats, because they are so cute
But if I only was a cat, I'd like to eat my boot

Pigs, pigs, they like to eat wigs, cause wigs are what you wear
But if I only was a pig, I'd like to eat my hair

Flies, flies, they like to eat pies, because they are so sweet
But if I only was a flie, I'd like to eat my feet

Snakes, snakes, they like to eat cakes, because they taste so fine
But if I only was a snake, I'd eat a porcupine

Birds, birds, they like to eat words, because they like to talk
But if I only was a bird, I'd like to eat a clock

Bats, bats, they like to eat hats, you put them on your head
But if I only was a bat, I'd like to eat my bed

Lions, lions, they like to eat giants, because they are so tall
But if I only was a lion, I'd eat a basketball


Now that you've heard a lot of rhymes, I want to read you a book and you can try to guess the rhymes. You don't have to raise your hand. If you think you know the answer, just say it out loud.

(Read aloud "Time for a Rhyme," "Bears in Pairs.")

Some of you have names that are easy to rhyme. I'm going to point to a name and see if you can read it. Then we'll try to think of a rhyme to go with it.

Jack: back, pack, rack, sack, track, black
Miles: piles, files, crocodiles
Terry: very, berry
Vicki: Mickey, Ricky, picky

Some of your names are very hard to rhyme, but I've got one more song to sing for you and I'm going to try to rhyme all of your names. Miss Boylan, could I please ask you to point to each name as I sing it?

(Sing "Down by the Bay" with children's own names made into rhymes.)
Don't just teach them, but expect them to participate by guessing the missing rhymes.)

c. (Beyond)

Follow up the lesson by reviewing these pairs of words another time, to practice rhyming:

worms germs
meal, peel
dogs, hogs
cats, bats
pigs, wigs
cows, plows
snakes, cakes
birds, words

I will prepare them for learning more about rhymes through more difficult books and other songs. I hope that their enjoyment of the first lesson will make them eager for more.

VI Materials:

Mealworms, banana peel, song lyrics, poetry books, list of all the children's names.